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Dave McTighe

Dave McTighe
Lead Consultant

Toll Free: (800) 747-0825 ext. 4

Dave McTighe brings to Shoreline an incredible résumé, combined with a professional attitude that serves clients in a way that only the highly specialized staff of Shoreline Aviation Services can.

 Throughout his career in aviation, Dave has accumulated a list of experiences to be admired, having been everything from a Naval Aviator, to an Alaskan bush pilot, to an international airline pilot. Following his initial flight training, Dave served in the United States Navy as a C-130 pilot. Shortly after his military service, Dave entered the airline world, eventually becoming a senior Captain for a major overseas carrier.

   Dave has accumulated over 20,000 flight hours over the course of his career, and holds various licenses and ratings including ATPL, CFI/CFII, CSEL/CSES, and Flight Engineer certificates. Dave recently retired as a Captain on the Boeing 747 for a major international airline, and now devotes his aeronautical talents to Shoreline Aviation Services and its customers.